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The following is an alphabetically sorted list of museums and galleries that offer art under a CC0 License.

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Video Channels

  • The Center for Hellenic Studies - performances of ancient greek works, as well as in-depth studies of specific texts
  • Thersites the Historian - a professor of archaeology who presents clear, detailed information on all matters of antiquity.
  • Astarte Resources - a producer of educational resources that has since closed, but they share their videos on YT still, which are excellent resources on antiquity
  • Historia Civilis - a detailed and entertaining channel that covers many arcs of antiquity. Historia Civilis does battles especially well. The author’s series on Julius Caesar and Octavian in particular are excellent.
  • North 02 - specializes in Neolithic and Paleolithic content, with in-depth videos on Homo sapiens and our closest ancestors.
  • Stefan Milo - an archaeology channel with great information on the bronze age.
  • toldinstone - another excellent channel specializing in everyday ancient life, especially about Rome.
  • Geodiode - in-depth overviews of different countries’ geography and history.
  • PBS Eons - natural history from a geological perspective.
  • History with Cy - ancient and medieval history.
  • Leonidas Sparta - specializes in hoplite and ancient warfare historical reenactment

Secondary/Editorialized Content


  • Artvee, public domain artwork search interface - (Search, About)
  • Calibre e-book management software - (Homepage, GitHub)
  • Standard Ebooks (Tools) - (Github)